Hi Carolyn,

From personal experience, CFF does help reverse the drooping of muscles caused by Botox damage, provided that Botox has completely worn off (which can take over a year) and that the exercises are done on a daily basis to the areas that were directly affected by Botox.

I have reversed about 90% of the damage Botox caused. I had Botox 22 months ago. When the Botox started wearing off, I was left with drooping, weak muscles around my eyes and forehead, which I never had before having Botox. I was horrified to find out that Botox speeds up the aging process, but thanks to your wonderful CFF programme, I have managed to strengthen my muscles again. It’s been a slow process of recovery, but with perseverance it can be achieved. Due to the CFF programme, I’m confident that in time, I will be 100% back to normal.

Botox User