Hello Carolyn.

I just have to write and tell you how surprised I am. This actually works, and does it work fast? Yes it does! I have just turned 46. And recently (6 months ago) I looked in the mirror and said to myself: “Who is this old woman staring back at me”? I was shocked. I booked an appointment to have Botox injection in my forehead and crows feet area, and some filler under my eyes and in the nasal lines. But the feeling of not being able to move my muscle like before, didn’t do it for me.

So i started to search on the internet for a more natural way to help myself and my oh-so-vain-side. I came across some different books and DVDs on facial exercises. I did some research on YouTube….and finally decided on 2 books. I started out my face exercises era. And even though I felt that my face muscles were getting a good exercise, I didn’t see any improvement at all.
Then i decided to try yours. And after 3 weeks….yes 3 weeks, a friend commented on how smooth but yet strong and youthful my neck looked. Those words have helped me to stay with your routine.I really like doing them, and it gives me time in the morning to relax and work out in the same time. Couldn’t be better.

I’m also so very pleased with your skin care program. Don’t know if it’s the creams or the exercises or the two combined, but my pores are diminishing slowly but surely. So once again thank you so much for the time and effort you have done to help the rest of us feeling better about ageing gracefully 🙂 I will end this mail by saying that CFF is: me giving myself quality time with me. It makes me feel good and it will make me look good!