Hi Carolyn

I thought I’d tell you briefly that I have reached the two month-mark performing the exercises with one hand (she has temporarily injured her hand) and, although I am yet have a lesson with Nicky, there has been definite results. Apart from my skin looking healthy, better-textured and tighter I now constantly have a colour of red in my cheeks that only becomes deeper especially when I laugh. That is probably the best part! Also my neck, which had been cording due to my rollercoaster dieting, is firming up and I don’t wake up with lines from folding during the night. Thanks Carolyn so much xx Exercising the facial skin seems like common sense … in any case I am so grateful that I found your program when I did.

Sincere hugs,
Cassie xoxo

PS: There has been no problem with performing the exercises one-handed. It just takes a lot longer…