For those of us with very sensitive skin:

Hi Carolyn,

I wanted to update you on my face saga … I decided to start your exercise programme again, but this time very gently. I started off again in early December exercising only every three days, which I did for a couple of weeks. I did them sitting, and with just one facial firmer each time. Complete rest in between. After two weeks I moved gradually to lying down and to exercising Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with one facial firmer each time as before. This is now my regime. I’ve now been doing it for a month in all. This time, I am fairly sure the results are positive – I’m using moisturizer still when I exercise, although actually I didn’t one time last week and it was fine. I will wait another couple of weeks before going without all the time.

My face feels quite different already, tighter around the cheeks, a smoother complexion, a better shape already. And I am starting to see a little improvement in my neck already. … Some days are better than others, depending partly on the amount of sleep I get, I think. But I am definitely feeling positive! And it is still early days. I wanted to let you know, especially in case you hear from anyone else who appears to have such a sensitive reaction to start with. Optimistic at last! It has made a HUGE difference to my mood.

Very best wishes,

Clare S