Hello Carolyn,

I thought it about time to write to you to express my thanks for your wonderful facial exercises, and your extremely happy, friendly and easy to follow dvds.

During the past 6 months, I’ve gradually noticed a lessening of all facial lines, plus a ‘building up’ of muscle in my face. My eyebrows (which were beginning to droop) are lifting up to where they once were; my eyes are ‘opening’ with a great reduction of the sagging that was beginning to cause me dismay, and the ever increasing turkey neck has lessened greatly showing great promise for a more youthful future.

To add weight to my delight, friends are also beginning to notice the difference. Only this past weekend a friend suggested that instead of aging I appeared to be ‘getting younger’. I haven’t (as yet) told her why, however I plan to do that soon. I have though, told another friend about your exercises and wonderful facial creams. If she hasn’t as yet, I know she will make a purchase as she finds my results extremely good. (She was considering surgery, however now is seeing the benefit of ‘self-nurturing’ through your program.) Thank You so much; I couldn’t be more delighted.

Kind regards,