I highly recommend a Skype consultation with Nicky as a wonderful and easy way to ensure that you receive the full benefit of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness exercises. I am very glad that I did. Nicky is a kind and clear teacher, an astute observer and obviously has a wonderful rapport with Carolyn who has trained Nicky very well. Although I’ve been practicing Carolyn’s “facelift through exercise” for months with good results, Nicky was able to home-in my mistakes, refine my technique and explain key underlying principles of the program that I can use to strengthen my performance. I’m looking forward to putting into practice what I learned today in my session with Nicky. It’s a kick to think that in the sixth decade of life there is the possibility of more beauty results coming down the pike! Thank you, Carolyn and Nicky, for adding this wonderful Skype consultation feature to the list of online services.

Warmest Wishes to you both,