Hi Carolyn,

… I am doing the 15 minutes of exercises about 4 or 5 times a week, lying on my back in bed when I first wake up, as you recommended. My sisters and I had a reunion this past summer and they were astounded to see that I have no facial wrinkles at all.

I did make up my own exercise for that jawline problem I was asking you about earlier this year. It is just like the Double Chin Tuck, but I do it with my head turned slightly to the side, and stick my tongue out toward that side. I do 100 on one side, then stretch and massage it a little, then do 100 on the other side. In about 12 weeks it totally brought up that little muscle and corrected the problem. (Thank you for the great tip!) The whole concept of facial exercises is just excellent and I really have you to thank for my youthful appearance. I’m 62 this year. …

Hugs and love,

Gretchen W