I received my first comment yesterday. A friend I haven’t seen in a few months saw me and exclaimed, “You look great! What are you doing with your face?” This was so rewarding to me. My biggest change has been in the muscles around my mouth. The corners of my mouth do not droop anymore. It’s so much more attractive. My lips are plumper. My cheeks sit higher on my face. The area between my eyes and eyebrows is starting to lift and fill in, so my eyes are losing that hollowed-out look, and the upper lids are visible again. The nasal-labial fold is starting to smooth out. The area under my chin is still sagging, there isn’t much improvement there so far. The skin on my lower throat is definitely much better. It’s smoothing out and the crepe texture is going away. I wish everyone I know would do this.

Carolyn, thank you for giving this to the world. It’s making a big difference to me.

Hugs and love,

Update from Gretchen:

Hi Carolyn,

For some time now I’ve been meaning to write you again and let you know that I’m keeping up with the exercise program. I’m noticing the biggest improvement around my mouth and lips. The corners of my mouth don’t droop anymore, hardly at all, and my lips seem fuller. I don’t know how that is possible, but I can see it. My cheeks are somewhat higher and the hollows are filling out. My neck and throat are looking better. The skin seems to be smoother. Thanks for your work! You program is so excellent. I think I might not need that facelift after all.