Hello Carolyn,

I bought your facelift package back in November 2006. It came intac and very promptly i might add. At the time I was 50 and wanted to prevent some uncoming jowliness and mouth lines. I have used it on an off (I’m very irregular) since then with great results I tend to run to it when I feel certain parts of my face and neck want to go south. I naturally look very young for my age (15 to 20 years) and want to keep that as much as possible. I will be 58 in a couple of weeks. I am a Jamaican Canadian living in France. I have spoken to so many firends and acquaintances about your product. I am wondering if you have had it translated into other languages. I’m sure there would be buyers here in France. It really was the best 20 odd dollars I ever spent.

Thank you and best regards