Hi Carolyn,

Some weeks, my neck holds its firmness, better than others. 🙂 I have noticed in the last several weeks, when I do the Jowl Firmer, the skin on my cheek no longer folds over, as it did before. I’m sure, that’s from my cheeks becoming firmer. :))) Yippeee!

Yes, this is fun, watching the results. I’m looking forward to seeing how my face will be in 10 years. I do believe, I can still have the same youthful look as I do now, in 10 yrs time. I know my face will be even firmer then. I’ll be 57. I looked at your Facebook pic again… your face looks so natural, and firm. Amazing for your age. :)) Very beautiful. That excites me, knowing if you’ve achieved it, then anyone can too. :)) … and, thank you, again. :))

Jenelle xoxo

Jenelle G2