Hi Carolyn,

I’ve been a lot more disciplined over the past month and am now doing the exercises 4 times a week. It’s still less than recommended for the beginning phase, but it’s better than what I was doing before. I got tired of feeling guilty about my laziness. Now I wake up extra early and do the exercises in the morning before I start getting ready for work. It’s a great feeling to get home from work and realize, hey, I already did my exercises! I don’t have to worry about getting motivated tonight!

Well the awesome thing is that even though I’ve only been doing them regularly for the last three weeks, I’ve already noticed some big changes. The first change I noticed last week, which is that the “elevens” between my eyebrows are growing farther apart and aren’t as deep as they were before. And that whole “frown” area feels relaxed. Used to I would press on that area between my brows just to see what it might feel like to NOT have a permanent scowl. This is a nice feeling!

Second of all, I used to have three horizontal lines on the bridge of my nose just under my worry lines, and now I only have one faint line. The faint lines that ran along the length of my nose have faded a lot too.

Thirdly, I’ve had a problem with crêpey upper eyelids for several years now and I just realized that my upper eyelid area is plumper and firmer than it has been in years. If I look in the mirror while I’m doing a frown, the skin of the upper eyelids doesn’t get pulled along towards the frown so much anymore.

Finally, my left eye has had a very hollow look to it FOREVER, more so than on my right side. Probably because the left side of my body that gets the most sun damage from driving. I have wrinkles around the eye socket that look like crumpled paper. I just noticed today that the hollow is filling in and the wrinkles are starting to smooth out. So there you have it, results from just three weeks of regular practice. Thanks so much for what you do and for helping me and so many other women feel beautiful.

Take care,

Jennifer K