Hi Carolyn- I wanted to write in to mention something I’ve noticed after doing my exercises for three weeks now that I’m assuming is happening because of my CFF. My skin is not as oily as it usually is and what a Godsend this is to find! Usually by noon my forehead, in particular, is an oil slick, but I’ve noticed in the last few weeks, it’s not as oily! YEY!!! I wonder if you’ve had other users of the CFF mention this same thing, but I got to thinking that I bet due to the skin getting 10x more oxygen to it, it’s probably helping balance things out- AGAIN, YYEEEYY! Any-who, wanted to pass that along to add to your “feedback” while you continue to do your research.

Cheers! J (I am told by many of my clients that their complexion … from too dry to too oily is balanced out with the facial exercises. Not only do the cells receive more oxygen and therefore can better repair themselves, you’re also rejuvenating the connective tissue and more. You can read more about some of this here: As you exercise the face, how does it improve over time?)


Carolyn- I HAVE.CHEEKBONES!!!!! For the first time in my life, I HAVE CHEEKBONES!!!!!!!!! Actually, I guess I should say I have cheekbone muscles ah a ah … I was finishing up my wrinkle release the other night on the wrinkles around the corners of my mouth and was looking at them in the mirror and was shoooocked when I caught a reflection of a CHEEK BONE curve……. that belonged to ME!!!!
Of course I spent TOO much time in front of the mirror looking at each side, back and forth in utter awe……After hitting my 4 mo mark recently, I hadn’t noticed too much change other than my eye area definitely, but then bam, all of a sudden I had developed some cheek bone muscles! It’s a massive motivation factor to keep going on in your system to see what results might be around the corner. I’ve been so focused on these wrinkles, I didn’t see what else was going on…

I even had a lady just last week that checked my I.D. against my credit card and said “you look younger in person”, which made my whole day ah ah ha … I cannot thank you enough for not only doing the leg work on all the research you’ve done, but to put it out there to share – You’re amazing!!!!!

Love and Hugs!!!

Jill C