Hi Carolyn!!

I’m still doing my facial exercises for 14 months now!! I’ve noticed quite significant changes in my neck, eyes, forehead and chin. I have done the wrinkle rub technique on my forehead but was rather afraid to try it on my cheeks where I have quite a lot of wrinkling (kind of looks like a road map) because I was worried that I didn’t have enough resistance and would stretch the skin. Now, that I feel that I have some muscling in my cheeks, I think I would like to try the wrinkle rub technique but kind of wanted your blessing first!! (Yes! Just be sure that the muscle underneath where you’re rubbing is taut. You can also start to perform the Circle-up-Rub every morning and night – 5 rounds each session on a moisturized face!)

Thanks for everything that you do, Hugs, Julie

Julie B