Thanks so much for the tips (I sent her methods of dealing with wrinkles).  I will follow them.  I tried Retin A – what a disaster! – and then Differin Gel and neither did anything for my wrinkles.  What they did was make my skin burn like acid was on it if I sweated outside and gave me red bumps that looked like acne, but weren’t.
I think the only difference I have made on my face is by using your techniques from the DVD.  I only wish I had known sooner before a couple of my wrinkles made themselves at home on my forehead.  (I am 57 next month.) Now I think if I had known your method, I could have rubbed them out when they first came up.  I get wrinkles when I wake up on either side of my jaw line a couple times a week.  I rub them off and on three or four times during the day and they are gone by night.  I have been telling friends about this, too. Appreciate you! (she is talking about the phenomena of a new line on the face that is not yet rooted to become a full-blown wrinkle)