Karen O – an Amazon review 
5.0 out of 5 stars This tiny gadget delivers BIG RESULTS, at a FRACTION of the price of its counterparts.

Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2021


Verified Purchase (The CFF Gua Sha is on sale in the CFF Amazon store for $20- off and free shipping)
While not quite mainstream, the HIGHLY EFFECTIVE applications of Red Light, Microcurrent and Vibration Therapies for skin rejuvenation are gaining rapid momentum, for good reason—- all are holistic, non-invasive and simple treatments which (when applied consistently) yield REMARKABLE results that cannot be replicated by even the most skilled cosmetic surgeons. The CFF Gua Sha device performs these functions, PLUS the added benefit of mild heat to better absorb moisturizer/oil, etc.. These very worthwhile applications are combined in a steel plate which glides easily and emulates the ancient Gua Sha technique of facial contour shaping. One need not delve into researching all of these practices to reap their enormous benefits; Carolyn has done decades of study in this field….take a leap of faith, and experience it for yourself. Her integrity and level of expertise are top-drawer; I cannot recommend her products or services highly enough. Have been faithfully doing her Facial Exercises over three years with superlative results and learned long ago to take notice when she introduces something new. For me personally, this Gua Sha is the perfect ‘finishing touch’ to her unsurpassed Facial Rejuvenation Exercises (quick and oh-so-effective), but honestly believe it will produce great results even if one doesn’t do facial exercises. . What I especially love about the Gua Sha is how the compact/comfortable design allows me to reap the same benefits for my neck, chest and tops of hands as it does for my face–forget how long I’ve been using it; maybe 5 or 6 months, and recall initially seeing results within a week. After a bit of experimentation, I now treat myself every other day, and find it to be rather like a ‘mini spa’ —relaxing, pleasant but rejuvenating at the same time. For reference, I will turn 61 in 4 months. Because of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness I have nothing but the SLIGHTEST hint of crow’s feet; the SLIGHTEST bit of eyelid sagging; NO jowls; NO double chin; FIRM cheeks and neck. As pleased as I remain with the results from her STELLAR facial exercises, I have come to consider the Gua Sha an equally vital, and absolutely permanent part of my overall self-care routine. They make for GREAT gifts, too.
Karen O