I have been faithfully practicing your basic/lower face/hand and chest routines for a little over two years, and will turn SIXTY in a couple of months—the results from your program continue to exceed all expectations…. ‘proof’ of their effectiveness comes my way on a regular basis, and in the most unusual ways! The latest occurred yesterday while babysitting my friends 7yr old son….we were at the grocery store, when a woman approached us to comment how much MY little boy resembles his Mommy!! (we have similar hair and skin tone) How’s THAT for validation!! May I note that this boy’s GRANDMOTHER is ten years YOUNGER than myself!… Its thrilling to say how ‘mistakes’ such as these happen all the time, and CFF is the reason. I am forever grateful, Carolyn, for your exhaustive research in the creation of a thorough, concise and HIGHLY effective program, which truly ‘covers all the bases’. Warmest regards from Karen