Hi Carolyn,

When I first contacted you I was practically in tears because, although I am an older mother, someone told my then 4 year old daughter to wait for her “grandma”. I was crushed! How in the world could I look like her grandma!?!

Now, after 7 months of doing your program as instructed, a business associate that I work with closely asked me the other day if I was between 33-35. I got the biggest smile on my face as I told her “No…I’m 47!!” She could not believe it!

Carolyn, I can’t thank you enough!! Mission accomplished!

It makes so much more sense than injecting your face with potentially dangerous products! And, if the effect starts to fade-it’s only cause I skipped a couple of days in a row. It all comes right back into shape when I do the exercises!

Thanks so much, Carolyn! Happy Spring!


Kathleen A