Dear Carolyn

I received my Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Instructions and Workbook – thank you so much! It is a real pleasure to receive. I am delighted with the effects of your exercises. I have been doing them religiously every day and I feel I can see greater ‘uplift’ to my face. My cheeks look fuller and my face firmer. Many thanks again, Carolyn. I look forward to continuing and seeing even better results!

Warm regards,

Update for six months of exercising:

Hi Carolyn! …

It has been over six months since I have been doing your wonderful exercises. I have been doing them religiously – every day! … But do you know what I have really noticed? I have a nice face but have worried about the symmetry of my features and how they ‘sit’ on my face. Well, I really believe that your exercises have helped my facial features to look the best they can – they just seem to be better ‘positioned’ on my face… Again, dear Carolyn, many thanks for your exercises. They are now an important part of my life. And, guess what? A lovely 20 year old male commented how young and attractive I look. I just couldn’t tell him my real age, could I?

PS I am happily married and my husband is impressed too!

Lots of Love,

Update for one year of exercising:

Hi Carolyn, I just want you to know that it is now a year since I began your facial fitness workout and it has become part of my life. I do it religiously 5 days a week and love the results!

A great test was my 30 year school reunion. Many there, I did not recognize – they had aged so. Without fail, everybody said how good I looked and how I haven’t changed a bit. You can imagine how pleased I was and, for those who asked, I gave them your website address and told them to do some research!

…. If Hollywood stars – with all their contacts and money – still experience plastic surgery disasters, what hope has an ordinary person? I cannot understand why they don’t do facial exercise instead. At least they would still look like themselves – not a Botoxed, frozen, look-alike. As one lovely, natural Hollywood star said, “People who have had plastic surgery don’t necessarily look younger – they just look like they have had plastic surgery.” How true!

Anyway, I am so happy with the natural results I have. Many thanks again, Carolyn and keep up the good work!

Lots of love,