Hi Carolyn, .. I purchased your program earlier this year, in February. I am so thankful to you for all your research into these facial exercises, for the professional program presentation and instruction. As a 43yr old with a three year old daughter and a 18month daughter, I cringed every time I looked in the mirror, and don’t think I realized until lately how much more free I am to walk out the door, even without any makeup on, feeling pretty confident about toned, glowing skin. Already at 42 I had, as you call it, very papery skin beneath my eyes, and I believe they were very tired looking. This papery skin is a thing of the past; I still have wrinkles, but the improvement is unbelievable to me! I believe my eyebrows have raised, my skin looks more toned, healthier. And I love doing the exercises – I’d always enjoyed exercising my body, and it makes so much sense to “exercise” our faces! Carolyn, thank you so very much!!! …


Kay S