Hi, Carolyn!  … What I appreciate most about the CFF program is YOUR continuing commitment to improvement…the little tweaks you research and share to keep ‘raising the bar’. ….Being a purist, I always balked at the numerous face gadgets being offered which claim miraculous results….these are for lazy people, I’d always say—NOTHING can replicate the results of facial exercise/massage.  But I learned long ago to take notice whenever YOU introduced something new, so took another leap of faith in your research, and bought the Gua Sha…..now this fabulous little gadget has become an invaluable part of my self-care, the perfect ‘finishing touch’ to your stellar facial routine.  Its merits are so obvious to me now.  Also, doing research,  there is not another like yours–combining 4 modes of treatment in one device…it is logical and pure genius. … As I officially enter a new decade, (she’s 60 years old today) I remain forever grateful of a visage which reflects the youthful vitality that I feel inside.    Thank you, Carolyn  🙂