Hi Carolyn, Thank you very much, I got it fine that time 🙂  I’ll definitely look in the spam folder anymore. (The video clips sometimes go to the spam folder when ordering. Sigh) The routine looks really effective – I can’t wait to try it.  Oh I’ll check out the advanced bonus tips too, thanks for letting me know.  Yes, you honestly look amazing Carolyn – one of the reasons I bought the programme was in the hope of ageing as well as you.  I’ve been doing the exercises for about 12 months now and people are starting to comment a lot – especially when they see photos of me.  I also use your beautiful skincare range which I love!  My neck still needs work but I think consistency is the key so I’ll remain focused and do the exercises.  You clearly know what you are talking about Carolyn and you have given so many people the opportunity to look amazing again (and not to fear getting older) – what a gift to share 🙂 (Thanks for the compliment. I’ve been in business now, for 22 years!) With all good wishes and blessings to you and your loved ones.