Hi again, Carolyn, … The replacement gua sha package arrived, and I thank you again for your (usual) superb customer service.  I just love this little thing, and feel so pampered when using it.  As always, you continue to raise the bar.  Even three years into your routines, I still marvel (as I did just this morning) at how much is accomplished in such a short time.  🙂  Will never forget the labor-intensive moves from my Mom’s old books—the ‘greasing up’ for 45 minute routines, 6 days a week. (her Mom used facial exercises more than 30 years ago and they thought then, more was better. Quality over quantity, today. Yay!)  LOL  I hope you can feel the ‘bit of light’ I send your way after doing your exercises.  🙂 … Love and a hug from Karen