I have owned the DVD from Carolyn for four years, but never watched the whole DVD through. I found it a bit intimidating for some reason and put it aside. Well, as aging happens, I decided I’d better do something (non-surgical and natural), so I pulled out the DVD again and then scheduled my appointment with Nicky. It was my mistake thinking we were on for the following day, and what a scramble that was for both of us. Nicky, thank you again so much for altering your schedule – and your life, … I so appreciated it and learned a lot that I don’t think I’d have gotten from the DVD. I also feel confident that I can do this program now. I’m excited about this and have told my girlfriends about it. I know they’ll be watching, so it’s just another motivating factor to keep on track with it. And, as they see the results, they will be asking me for the website to order their own DVD, I know it. I will recommend they take the hour with Nicky, for sure.Thank you so much again for going out of your way to make this happen, Nicky. It says a lot about you and your big heart and I will be back for more Skype sessions with you after I’ve had a couple of months to refine my technique.

Thanks so much again.

– Krista