Hi Carolyn:

Great progress! Surprisingly after resting my face for nearly a month over Christmas maybe fitting in only 3 workouts over the entire month yet still achieved a youth jump! The new elevens I was seeing and getting concerned about were obviously realigning themselves and just disappeared overnight. My previous Botoxed deep middle wrinkle has softened considerably and is plumping out. The puckering particularly on the right side of my mouth has just about disappeared along with the nasty labial/nasal line with it. It’s really incredible, that whole area just looks so youthful and firm. Lip lines have nearly all gone, I don’t even notice them now.

My upper eyelids are still a bit baggy but I think with time and really the last obvious aging part of my face, I’m confident they too will continue to tighten. My skin texture is so good, with no oily patches, just consistently moist.

I think the biggest lesson is persistence and I have found that even though things may look worse for a month or so particularly if you haven’t noticed them before (I remember being concerned about the lab/nas line becoming really dominant and also the elevens appearing) I realize it’s just realignment and they just disappear, literally overnight. At present I am back on to 4x week, just the normal routine plus extra rubbing vertical wrinkle. I don’t need to do the lip eraser anymore.


Leanne D