Hi Carolyn,

(I’ve been doing) Diligent exercises for 6 months! I am totally blown away from the results – some unexpected.

1. Surprisingly I have noticed my skins moisture level is just balanced, normally very oily and always applying powder particularly in this humid climate but no more, in fact I have to remind myself powder is required to set my makeup. My skin is just matt, fantastic.
2. NL line on right hand side of face (looking at the photo) which appeared deep and nasty as my cheeks lifted has just faded considerably in the last few weeks, and I think it will just disappear as there is no need to wrinkle there anymore.
3. The puckers on the side of my mouth, particularly the right side are really lifting and firming. The lines around my mouth have softened a lot as well.
4. The annoying frown line is lessening and it’s such a relief not to have to resort to Botox in that area anymore. The first photo had residual Botox around my eyes and between.
5. My neck and chin area feel remarkable and I didn’t even consider them to be a problem area.

The only areas which are still slow are the upper eyelids which are still flabby. (This may be because of having residual Botox there. Give it time and your upper eyelids will firm-up nicely)