Looks Like a High School Girl

Friday, I drove in to get my emissions test for my car, and the guy manning the testing station, after seeing me, followed by looking at my birth date on my drivers license, marveled: “Would you look at that? You LOOK like a high school girl!!” True that I was wearing sunglasses at the time of this exclamation, but even my eyes & under-eyes are much better as well as looking so much younger in all the other areas I wasn’t even concerned about looking younger in glasses. After I took off my sunglasses & switched to regular glasses to continue with the emissions test, the same guy was still looking at me, it seemed, with incredulity.

Tired Look is Gone

Doing face exercises about 3 to 4 times per week and getting fantastic results. I never, ever have done them every day as instructed, but even with this frequency, lots of benefits! I can see that when I fall off from doing them, I look more tired in the mirror. When I do them I look more beautiful, charming and perky.

Side Benefits

I also find HEADACHE fighting benefits. When I feel like I have a headache coming on and I do the face exercises, it helps to relax my jaw, temples, eyes and all! Exercises, helps to strengthen neck muscles and realign the neck, and sometimes I am reminded to do more because of that than how I look. Have referred many to your website. Also followed your advice to get an exercise ball and I am now experimenting with how to use it for toning my abdomen, etc. Really, the results of exercising the face got me inspired to do more exercise all around, so I am continuing with swimming, lifting 3 pound weights for triceps, & have a new resolve to do a bit of walking about my neighborhood as well. I am looking glammer glammer glamorous!