Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for Carolyn’s Facial Fitness! I am very pleased with the results I am achieving from the basic CFF program. Just last week my husband looked at me and said, “Your face looks fuller—you look good.” I am 43 years old and have lost a lot of facial volume in the last 12 months, My nasal-labial lines were deepening, I was developing oral commissures, my skin was drooping under the eyes, and I was gaining a “turkey waddle” under the neck—just a general down turn of the face. I would wake up every morning and find new lines and sagging that were very saddening. I even considered having dermal fillers but I just couldn’t do it knowing that it is not sustainable and not natural. After searching on the internet, I found your website and purchased you beginner program. Just after 2 1/2 months of performing the CFF program, I don’t even look at my face first thing in the morning any more—I know the lines that I disliked are much smoother than before. I’ve regained some facial volume and my big trouble spot—my turkey neck—is starting to smooth out ( though not completely) (I have suggested she add The Brush to end of her workout to eradicate the “turkey waddle”). I’ve also noticed that when I first started the exercises, I would sometime get a sloughing of dead skin cells off as I rubbed; now the surface of my skin appears smoother and more glowing than before. Thank you so much for all the years of extensive research that you have put into your exercise program—you have really tapped into a kind of “fountain of youth”. I am truly thankful for you!


Leigh Y