At the end of January, I will have reached my 4 month mark … I will tell you, my forehead looks so smooth now, I can see the lines in some lighting situations, however, they’re so much less obvious now, I feel confident to have my hair back and have a long fringe! I was telling my sister about your exercises and how I didn’t like my forehead lines, (I haven’t seen her for 6 months) and she said to me “What?, your forehead is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, I can’t see any lines!” You don’t know how pleased I was to hear that, and she’s a few years younger than me. And my mother-in-law came … at Christmas and said out of the blue “You have really lovely, healthy skin”. No one has ever said that to me before (she’s using the CFFormulas skincare products and following the radiant skin schedule)

My worry line is still there, it is a tiny bit better though… So I am confident it will improve over a long period of time… The detacking exercises seems to work instantly for a an hour or so… (in the beginning the results show for a short time and that time gets longer and longer until the lines are really gone or greatly diminished as you engage this technique consistently)

Just want to say, you’re awesome, and finding you was the best thing I have done to my self esteem! I’ve nearly got my Mum onto you… she’s started the moisturizer and the vitamin c… Which is amazing for her to do anything like that! xx