Cautionthis exercise cannot be used by everybody: Hi Carolyn, I promised I’d give an update on the under eye exercises so here is my update. They are very effective for building up the muscle, but I also learned that one has to be careful with these as you can easily overbuild this area, I had to reduce on them, they were a little bit too effective. (She’s testing the new eye exercises for the advanced DVD coming out soon)

But here is my new discovery, for me, the biggest problem was that I have loose skin under the eyes … I knew that I couldn’t really do the rubbing technique here, but I went slowly and modified it for the under eye area. What I do is use a massage oil on my face(I use emu oil), then while squinting up with the lower eyelid, flexing this muscle, I use my ring finger to massage the under eye area using circle up rubs, of course I’m going much lighter than the rubbing out technique on the rest of the face, but this actually has started to work really well for tightening this under eye skin. I’m assuming that it’s the massaging that is helping to tighten up the skin? (YES!) Just like the brush technique tightens up the skin on the neck. I know that the under eye skin is delicate, but I’m thinking that we make it worse by never manipulating this area and that it never gets stimulated. What do you think? (Yes! You can work the under part of the eye the way that you’re doing it. Some people cannot handle this massage, but you are obviously someone who is benefiting well from it.)


Hi Carolyn,

Just another update on this new circle up rub under the eyes…I’ve been doing it for about 2 months now and I THINK (hope it’s not just optimism) that the area is looking better, plumper . I still have creases when I smile but I have a little cross- hatch that you can see between the creases that. looks like its fading. So I think it’s working for me. Hope it continues to get better. …