Hi Carolyn!

You are so gorgeous and so natural! … Whatever you are doing seems away better than any plastic works that I have ever seen around…and to be honest, your results are far better than the results other facial exercise gurus are getting out there. Your face is natural and youthful and you could easily be said to be around your 40th. (Carolyn is 66 years old)

I will persevere, trust me on that, and I will get the results to show you. My case is challenging, but not impossible! … My weak and hard to tone spots are around mouth, jowls and eyes as the rest looks pretty good and even better after starting your exercises. As you can see. I will endeavor to keep you periodically informed and hopefully my results will be on your web page to inspire as much as you have inspired me. Thank you again for your kindness.

Hugs and God bless you,

Lila C