Hi there Carolyn, … My facial exercises are going well and I’m seeing results already. I’ve only been at it about three weeks now. Your facial products are really wonderful and my skin is starting to look really good. I’m so happy I did this for myself at this stage I need something just for me and that is what CFF gives me.

Take care I wish you all the best.

Much Love,


Carolyn. I’ll tell you real quickly how I know that I KNOW that your exercises have changed my face shape. My husband built this great shop next to the house, and he keeps all of his precious tools in there. I visit him sometimes when he’s working on some project, and he has this huge mirror hanging over one of the workbenches. It has overhead lighting, and one day I glanced in there, as we women are driven to do, and saw a reflection of myself that shocked me. I looked awful!!!! My eyes were drooping and hooded, my lips were pencil thin and my face was thin and saggy. I literally wanted to cry! This was last summer. Last month I was in the same shop, standing in the same place, in front of the same mirror. Cautiously I peeked at myself, and lo and behold, that old hag had disappeared. Praise God and thanks to you, I looked so much better, I wanted to cry again, but in joy and relief.

Thanks for you, Carolyn, and your great program!!

God Bless,

Lisa M