Hi Carolyn.

I bought your program about 10 days or so ago, I gave you a plug on AOL, they have a story about “Woman wants to know if she needs facelift” or something to that effect, by Stylelist. I put a brief synopsis of my experiences so far with your product. I hope you get some orders from it. I really am addicted, I can’t quit! I know I am not supposed to be doing it more than once a day, but sometimes I cheat. … I am still doing a competitor’s mouth down, wrinkle the nose, move up and down movement, but I don’t know if I still should be doing that. It really did make those little buggers lessen. I had rejuvederm about 2 years ago, then started doing that movement, and they never came back full force again. (YAYYY!) I love that you added the face firmer to yours, I have been doing that one since september 2009, I got it out of Sanford Bennets 1907 book. It has kept my cheeks and face a little fuller until I found you! And thank God I did. Thanks for everything!


Response: Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with CFFitness™ on the message boards. It is good for my business.

Okay. I have to tell you that you need to STOP ALL other programs, except for CFFitness™. I just received an email from someone who was adding other exercises from other programs and her result is not attractive. CFFitness™ is designed to give a very elegant, balanced build to the face so ONLY perform those 28 exercises 3 to 4 times a week (spaced out as evenly as possible) PLUS the Face Firmer . Perform this routine ONLY once a day and eventually lying down. Be sure to check out Part 2 of the DVD so you engage those changes when lying down.

This will allow you to lay down the foundation for correcting anything later on. You will be assured this way to receive a beautiful, elegant shape to your face and neck. Otherwise, you run the risk of spot building. Be sure to perform the Face Firmer the CFFitness™ way by contracting the muscles first?!! The face must have time off to rest in order for the tissue to recover from the exercises and build properly.


Good afternoon Carolyn!

Hope all is well with you. I had a question for you. I purchased your program and have been using it since last July (about 16 months). I have read on the internet here and there that you have monthly newsletters. (Actually they are yearly Newsletters and yes! One is coming out with a “free video exercise” in December) … I am anxious to receive anything you have, as I have had a great deal of success with your exercises. They have really changed the shape of my face to pre-mid thirties, I am 48 now. I will do them until I am too old to manage a cheek lift or raise my fingers to my face! …

Thanks so much,


Good morning, Carolyn!

Just wanted to let you know, that in response to this email exchange we had a few weeks ago; I have cut down to 3 days a week on the foundational exercises, and am doing the face firmer about 4 times a week. … The results have been miraculous! I don’t know how you guessed that I was overdoing it. I never told you that I was beginning to get a wee bit discouraged because I would see a strained look on my face when I’d glance in the mirror that I knew wasn’t really natural. You guessed that on your own. You are amazing, and so, so tuned in to your clients! …

My sisters, three of them, have been staring at me lately, but not voicing anything. I even asked two of them, “What?” and they say, “Nothing.” I believe they don’t want to say anything because one of them gets fillers done every 6 months, and the other older one wants a complete facelift because she’s so unhappy with her looks. I have told them both about your program, but they are too ______ (I’m not sure what the adjective should be here, and I want to be nice) to use it. But I think that in time, as I improve, they will finally admit it, and order your program. To me, to be without it now, would be like a part of my life is missing! Thanks again, and have a beautiful Christmas!