Carolyn. Wow, thank you so much for all of that information.  You are so good at explaining things and such a good teacher.  Your products are top notch and you could easily charge way more for them but you are so sweet and kind to keep them affordable for people like me that doesn’t really have a ton of money for skincare in the budget. I do appreciate you.  (I have worked at keeping the prices down so they are affordable. Since we’re a small, handmade organic skincare company, we’ve been able to do this. Yay!) I think my next purchase will be the cleanser here in the next few weeks.  I do really, really want the vitamin c serum because I do have a few brown spots but that will have to wait a bit longer.   I am seeing such great results with all of this other stuff that I can wait a little bit longer on those spots.  I’ve kind of gotten use to them.
I do have one question about the face firmer if you don’t mind.  I feel like I’ve gotten my face filled in exactly how I want it.  Will it stay that way or do I keep doing it twice a day like I’ve been doing to maintain the filled in look.  I first did the face firmer a few months ago and I got to puffy so then I had talked to you and we decided that I only needed to do it on days I worked out.  Then I stopped doing it and really did not like that look at all.  So I went back to doing it realizing how important it is to have a more filled in face for youthfulness.  And I now feel like I found the perfect build.  But I don’t know where to go from here.  I feel like I am learning Something new every day.  Patience is key.  (Once you hit maintenance and you want to keep what you have, try and experiment with how often you need to perform which exercises to keep this look. Everyone is individual and will have a different schedule at this point). Thank you, LP21