Hi Carolyn,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on my progress. … BUT, I am sooo excited to report that I see some beautiful changes around the upper cheek area and especially on either side of the nose. My cheeks were always high, but the fullness was only on the outer edges of my face. The center of my face (on either side of the nose) was sort of flat.

NOW, I’m noticing that beautiful fullness going across my face towards my nose. …..you know like area where the nose slide works on? Like you always say (and I agree) when the area on either side of the nose is filled – your face looks younger, fuller, and lifted. There is no question that this area has filled!!

I’m so excited! I’ve been doing your facial exercises (on and off) for years but never saw that dramatic change. I think it must be the face firmer and the circle up rub that is making the big difference. Plus, I’m on a balanced schedule for working out. Every 3rd day I do your cd workout. Now I’m excited to see what other changes will be coming!

Oh, and P.S. I think I’m noticing a difference in my skin tone too. It looks healthier and sort of glows!