Hi Nicky,

I did indeed enjoy our session together. I found your explanations informative and knowledgeable and they straightened me out; indeed, if I already had a pretty good mastery of the 28 basic exercises, I needed some precisions on a few of them that I hadn’t been doing well at all. I also received interesting comments on pacing, downtime and the importance of it. I also received helpful hints and suggestions to deal with what I thought of as my two main roadblocks a) my Fibromyalgia and b) my excessively oily skin. All in all it was a great workshop and I am more assured, more sure of myself and what I am doing. Before doing this hour with Nicky I was in a guessing zone (I had read the book and the flashcards and seen the DVD many times) but I was still hesitant about my whole approach, but I now have a solid base and I really appreciate that. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be a longtime, committed facial builder. Thanks Nicola.