Dear Carolyn,

Thank you so much for creating this fitness program for the face, neck and hands. I have read your book, the flashcards and *everything* on your website at least twice. I find the ‘before, during and after’ pictures to be inspirational and encouraging. I appreciate the boldness and willingness of these clients to allow their ‘before’ pictures, available for all the world to see with the critique in the narrative describing changes wrought by following your CFF program. I’ve decided to follow your advice to the letter; you are the excellent teacher and I will be the excellent student. Your face firmer and “The Brush” for the neck are wonderful. My face and neck feel great (and, I think, look better) after doing my morning exercises. I also do the ‘earlobe warmer’; on cold winter mornings that’s what I call it whether it firms my earlobes or not. It’s like wrapping my freezy cold fingers around a mug of tea. My face is more symmetrical and my eyelids are more open. My nose has a more distinct feel to it and the skin under my eyes is not as loose.


Mary T