Hi Carolyn!

I can’t tell you how many people over the past 6 months have commented on how good I look, but to me the most important thing is how I feel. At first when I tried your program I was afraid it was stretching my skin, that’s how much sag I had….and I didn’t think it was that out of shape. I never stuck with many plans but this one makes me feel good in the morning. The texture of my skin holds moisture so much better, lines in the forehead (which were really noticeable to me) almost gone, lips getting fullness back. Before I started the exercises I would wake up and the corners of my mouth were in a frown, it was from a sleep…I had no control of it. I was afraid I was trying to have a stroke or something. I think now it was just weak muscles, I no longer have that problem. My friend who I haven’t seen in about 3-4 years saw me today and asked if I had a facelift. A guy I work with, about 4 months after I started your program asked how I continue to get younger. I wasn’t obsessed with looking younger just feeling better about myself, this does both. Thank you!