Hi Carolyn,

I must admit that even though I was doing the exercises wrong, my eyes do look less puffy and dark circled. Also, after doing the 28 exercises for the last 7 months am pleased to tell you. MY HERO!!! That my eyes do not look so sunken and now can see the lid. Also the shallowness under eyes had now started to fill in. The line I had on my chin was about an inch long and now it is about a quarter of that and also my lips had gone thin and now they look much better shaped. I think my cheeks don’t look so hollow. Overall I think I can notice a change. People do say I look well and considering I have some health problems this is a bonus! … I know you say it is a slow procedure and you are so right that it is worth the wait. Also the improvement continues. You are an absolute genius!!!

Big thank you because now I am feeling just a little bit more confident each time I see these improvements. And as I talk to other women a lot feel the same. You reach a certain age or a blip and all that goes, but you have turned this around.


Paula xxx

Paula N