Dear Carolyn,

It was about three years ago when I bought your facial exercise kit. I practiced faithfully and also tried your facial formulas … I had my skincare and exercise routines and I began to get compliments about my glowing skin etc. Yes, I still had some wrinkles and maybe some sagging skin too, but my overall appearance became more youthful.

Then I experienced a very stressful time. Lot of work and family problems. Too much unhealthy food and occasionally too many glasses of wine. Continuously too little sleep. No facial exercises.

This spring I finally looked at the mirror and I didn’t like it. … No, that woman looked older than before. …I made a nutrition plan. …Then I started exercising and also facial exercising again. I have your pacing CD and in April I started to do exercises with it five times a week. So nice that I don’t have to think anything, just listen to your nice voice and do what you tell to do. So relaxing! Then I remembered your facial formulas and schedule for radiant skin. I happened to have products for cleansing and exfoliating and still had botanical masque left, so I ordered other products and started to follow your schedule in the beginning of this month. It’s so nice to follow your instructions. I need someone to tell me what to do!

Nowadays I sleep better so I wake up little earlier in the morning. I do exercises with the pacing cd. Then I put hydrating crème masque on and have little time for praying/meditation before my husband and children wake up. After serums, moisturize plus, sunscreen and healthy breakfast I’m ready to start my day.

I didn’t expect results to come very soon. But my skin really looks better after only a few weeks. People notice something. “You look different. Have you lost weight?” Well, maybe one pound, but that doesn’t change my appearance. “Oh that haircut really makes you look younger!” Maybe that, but I had exactly same cut also last time I came from the hairdresser. I’m convinced that Carolyn’s facial fitness and schedule for radiant skin are doing the trick again. And it makes me sooo happy!

Thank you Carolyn!