Hi Carolyn! Wow, that took some reading! LOL Thanks so much for the comprehensive reply, I am very grateful for the time you took to look at my photos and send me a detailed program.  I have watched all of the video’s and ordered everything you suggested plus have made myself a workout schedule.  You are a real inspiration, you look fantastic, of course, but I think what struck me even more deeply is the fact that you replied personally to my first email, and have continued to do so.  This, as I am sure you are aware, is very rare these days! I look forward to the journey of this very exciting program.  I have had Botox for the past 10 years or so on my forehead plus 2 sessions of nasal labial line fillers.  I generally like the Botox but am very adverse to looking frozen and odd from too much filler and work.  I know quite a few beautiful women that are no longer what I’d consider beautiful on the outside, they have taken it too far, unfortunately. You, however, look nowhere near your age and your skin is simply glowing!