Hi Carolyn, It’s been ages since we had our Skype chat – and your demonstration of the new and improved circle up rub. (using the upper part of her palm, just under the Index fingers on each side, instead of fingers) Well – it is working!  Obviously it is taking a while – but, it is working.  (she’s also using a microcurrent gadget similar to our new Gua Sha) So, all things combined (the exercises, the new circle-up-rub, and the microcurrent thing-y) have resulted in the thickness of my cheeks has become quite thick!  Before this, when I would grab the cheek and pull back the jowls, I could feel my fingers through the rather thin cheek muscle.  Not so any more.  It’s really different now.  And, because of that (I am assuming here), the sagging jowls are much, much less pronounced and wrinkled.  The new rub seems easier to do – and feels so much better than fingers – more pressure, I suppose, with the top of the palm part of the hand. … Love. RA