When my wife told me that she wanted to start doing facial exercises, I wasn’t so sure about it, but after she did them already for only 14 days I could see clearly some results. Her face got tighter and a certain new freshness came in. Soon I saw her little wrinkles around her mouth disappearing. From that point on my doubts about the effectiveness of facial exercises disappeared too. I noticed that every three months she made a kind of jump after which it seemed to be obvious that she looked younger again. It was otherwise a slow gradual process. Suddenly, younger men got interested in my wife. This truly amazed me. The pinnacle experience was a man – I guessed him about 27 – in a hardware store in Germany. I couldn’t believe it when he treated me as if I was my wife’s father. I still think he was somehow diluted, but I frequently saw men in their mid and end thirties flirting with her. She was already in her mid-fifties! After the incident in Germany I got somehow concerned that I might be looking too old for my wife, therefore I decided to do facial exercises for myself. As I did the exercises, I noticed that my hanging eyelids moved slowly but steadily up. My nose got less lumpy and more defined. The upper line of my two forehead lines disappeared completely and the lower one got much less. My skin got a certain fresh glow and I had the impression that my lips got a little fuller and more colorful. A permanent full beard covers the rest of my face. The best proof I have that I must have looked younger was when younger women started to flirt with me. Since I am personally not so interested in looking younger, I did the facial exercise program for only 9 months. Even after 3 years of stopping, I can still see some benefits. My two forehead lines are still much less and my eyelids are still hanging less. Besides the fact that my wife clearly doesn’t look her age, I got the most impressed with what happened to her forehead. She was in an explosive accident when her forehead was burned and permanently damaged many years ago. She developed an unusually large number of deep forehead lines. Now most of these lines have disappeared and the rest are almost gone. Compared to how bad it was, you can say they are gone. It’s a pity not more men and women know about the effectiveness of Carolyn’s program.