Dear Nicky and Carolyn,

It truly has been an answer to prayer for me to find Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Exercises. For years I had tried various creams, different types of makeup, Botox, etc but realized these things were not getting to the root of the problem. “Accidentally “finding this program online was Gods provision for me to show me a better way! It makes perfect sense to exercise these face muscles in much the same way way we must exercise our bodies for health, fitness, and looking the best we can. Having a Skype session with Nicky clarified so much for me.I now have a much better grasp on each individual exercise, as well as being so encouraged that in time I will have the results for which I have been praying…. Nicky is not only a fantastic, patient teacher but a fun loving sweet person! I would highly recommend this well spent time for all CFF exercisers! Thank you so much!