I received my facial fitness kit several days ago. I am 45 years old, and in the last couple of years have started noticing jowls hanging and hollow cheeks and wrinkles around the mouth and the beginnings of turkey neck. I was really surprised at how quickly things have been “breaking down”, considering that I eat very healthy and a lot of fish and olive oil, etc. I tried not to be vain and tried to ignore it, but I see myself in the mirror a lot at work and it really bothered me. . .

After the first session with the DVD, my most worrisome wrinkle around the mouth looked better. I decided it was my imagination. I did the exercises morning and night the first two days. (Today is the 3rd day and I will start doing them only once a day – my muscles are slightly sore today – but it feels good). Today, my face already looks so much better that I think if I looked like this before I wouldn’t have even thought I needed to do anything about my face. I’m so thankful! I can already see the jowls starting to lift and my face filling out. I love your skin care samples too!! Wonderful feeling!