Hi Carolyn,

Everything seems to be going pretty well with the exercises, but something was kind of puzzling to me. For a while there I was lifted and staying that way during the first few months. The texture of my skin alone was definitely, unmistakably, softer, fuller, almost spongy like, as if I could feel the collagen coming back. Now for my question. The past month or two (I have had a lot going on) it looked to me like almost nothing changed since I started in late May. Now all of a sudden the plumping up has returned (yay) the awesome texture, and firmness in my neck that I love to touch. What happened? I have no idea why all of a sudden on Tuesday morning things felt so different and so improved. (Theresa is giving a good example of a “Youth Jump”. We’re not sure why they seem to happen every 3 months or so, but we sure are glad they do! See also How do collagen and elastin fibers work together giving a more youthful look? for more answers). … Thank you for taking the time to guide me in the right direction. You are a special lady!


Theresa X