I ordered your DVD about three months ago and have been intensive in my use of the exercises. I am a 56 year old female musician and menopause and life stress had taken a toll on what has always been a fairly youthful face and I was really stressing about it.

The results for me have been dramatic and so much so I wish I had taken a close up before picture. Esp so far in the neck, cheek and forehead area are very dramatic – under the eyes and some prominent single wrinkles in the lower smile area are slower but they ARE responding. I do these lying down or in the tub and have them all memorized. I am much more confident in my women’s bluegrass group and am currently filming several Christian music videos for release and am much freer in their filming without sheer concern over what I look like …. This is a great gift you have given me and THANKS!!!!!!!


Valinda M