I had mentioned a few emails ago that I again watched that news clip with you on the Today Show, and how amazing your skin looked. I watched your eyes, and your cheeks, and there’s no sagging, and no crow’s feet! I’m not flattering you, I’m simply speaking the truth. My question is, will I continue to see results towards that end? I have been doing CFF for 15 months now, since last July. I have seen tremendous results, but areas like neck, crow’s feet, and n/l folds, I would like to see continued tightness happen there. I am 47 now, soon to be 48 in January. I looked at your pics before you started CFF, and boy, you really chased away the age like nothing else! Your face looks ageless. I guess what I want to know is, will I not only continue to keep normal aging at bay, but will I continue to tighten up as the months and years go by? (This is a good question. One of the wonderful things about facial exercises is you just simply continue to look smoother, firmer and younger as you age, as long as you are consistent with the exercises. You can read more about this here Bone Loss and Skin Remodeling)

Whitney S