I just wanted to let you know, my neck is responding awesomely!!! to your gulping exercise, as well as the pinching the side “cords” and turning the head. It is looking SO much better, almost completely healed, from looking very very old!! (I just turned 47) Also, the massage (Face Firmer) is SO important. I hope you can convince all of your clients of the importance of that massage! When I temporarily stopped the massage when I first started your program …, I noticed my face began getting a little thin and gaunt again. Started back on the massage, and problem fixed! I have been on your program since last July, about 7 1/2 months. I am so pleased with the results. I look SO different in store mirrors now when I catch a glimpse of myself. It’s so exciting to turn back the hands of time. A million thanks to you, Carolyn! You are the bomb, girlfriend!

Whitney S