Hi Miss Carolyn 🙂 First, I want to say thank you for the new routine. I am really liking it.  I do need extra work on my lower face. I’m glad you saw that. I will send photos in four months to let you see the results. I am still so excited and still so in love with your program. I see such improvement too on my whole face. I am actually getting attention from men of all ages again. I didn’t tell you that my husband  left me for a younger woman,  and that I have a very young  daughter I gave birth to at an older age.  This is for her too.   I  want her to have a youthful looking and emotionally young feeling mom for as long as I live. This is very important to me as I was orphaned at a young age. My Boss recently told me that I seem so youthful to her. She couldn’t believe my age when I told her.   This is thanks to over a year of your program coupled with a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. I know that without a doubt. Thank you from the bottom off my happy little heart. 🙂