Interactive Muscle Chart

Which face muscles are mostly engaged with which facial exercise? Check out this interactive muscle chart to find out!

Please note: The muscles of the face are actually symmetrical on each side of the face. They are depicted here in this way for easy reference.

Please click here for a downloadable version of which muscles are engaged when performing CFF. Thanks to JD for his contribution of this chart!

Place the cursor over:

  • the name of the muscle
  • over the muscle in the drawing
  • over the photo
1. Galea aponeurotica/Epicranial aponeruosis
2. Frontalis
3. Procerus
4. Temporalis
5. Orbicularis Oculi
6. Corrugator
7. Levator palpebrae superioris
8. Nasalis
9. Levator labii superioralaique nasi
10. Levator labii superioris
11. Zygomaticus Minor
12. Zygomaticus Major
13. Risorius
14. Masseter
15. Orbicularis oculi
16. Levator anguli oris
17. Depressor Anguli oris
18. Depressor Labii inferioris
19. Mentalis
20. Platysma
21. Buccinator
22. Sternohyoid
23. Thyroid Cartilage/Adam’s Apple
24. Omohyoid
25. Sternocleidomastoid
26. Scalenes
27. Trapezius
28. Digastric
29. Mylohyoid
30. Stylhyoid
31. Hyoid Bone
Crow’s Feet
Upper Eyelid Stretch
Eye Opener
Eye Flex
Lower Eyelid Stretch
Brow Line Lift
Forehead Smoother
Brow Pull/Push
Worry Line Smoother
Scalp Pull
Cheek Firmer
Nose Shaper
Bridge Smoother
Nose Slide
The Kiss
Lip Pull
The Pout
Sad Face
Pencil Crush
Face Energizer
Chin Firmer
Double Chin Tuck
Tongue Press:
Jowl Firmer
Neck Strengthener
Grand Gesture
Jowl Lifter
Neck Firmer

  1. Crows Feet: Opens the eyes and diminishes crow’s feet
  2. Upper Eyelid Stretch: Firms, opens and exposes the upper eyelid and lifts the eyebrows
  3. Eye Opener: Strengthens and firms the upper eyelid giving a smoother, firmer look under the brow
  4. Eye Flex: Firms and strengthens the bottom eyelid, lifts the corners of the eyes and alleviates puffiness and dark circles
  5. Lower eyelid Stretch: Firms bottom and upper eyelids while helping to alleviate puffiness, dark circles and papery skin
  6. Brow Line Lift: Lifts eyebrows and strengthens the eyes and forehead muscles
  7. Forehead Smoother: Lessens wrinkles, tones the forehead and lifts the eyebrows
  8. Brow Pull/Push: Smoothes, flattens and relaxes vertical lines between the brows
  9. Worry Line Smoother: Smoothes and flattens deep vertical lines between the brows
  10. Scalp Pull: Lifts eyebrows, decreases forehead lines and opens the eyes
  11. Cheek Firmer: Diminishes the wrinkles around the mouth and firms, builds and lifts the cheeks
  12. Nose Shaper: Firms, gives shape and diminishes the crease below the nose while firming the jowls and preventing/correcting a drooping nose tip by lifting it up!
  13. Bridge Smoother: Diminishes lines and drape at the bridge of the nose
  14. Nose Slide: Fills out the sides of the nose giving it more definition
  15. The Kiss: Firms the area around the mouth lifting out pouches and lines at the corners
  16. Lip Pull: Firms and smoothes lines on the upper lip and builds cheeks
  17. The Pout: Strengthens and lifts jowls while firming the mouth
  18. Sad Face: Strengthens and smoothes the lines at the jowls
  19. Pencil Crush: Strengthens and smoothes the area around the mouth
  20. Face Energizer: Lifts the cheeks, strengthens the sides of the nose and jaw line, diminishes wrinkles on the cheeks and around the lips
  21. Chin Firmer: Firms the chin, smoothes lower lip wrinkles and alleviates dimpling on the chin
  22. Double Chin Tuck: Firms the double chin and gives flexibility to the tongue
  23. Tongue Press: Firms the double chin area
  24. Jowl Firmer: Firms, tightens and builds the jowls and the cheeks
  25. Neck Strengthener: Strengthens the neck muscles and lessens rings and papery skin on the neck
  26. Grand Gesture: Firms the corners of the mouth, fills out the cheeks and releases stress
  27. Jowl Lifter: Lifts and firms jowls and diminishes wrinkles
  28. Neck Firmer: Tightens and firms the double chin while diminishing wrinkles and rings
Facial Exercises and the Muscles they Activate